Our state-of-the-art kennel near Dacula, GA is fully heated and air conditioned.

  • Big windows admit natural light and fans ventilate fresh, clean air.
  • Custom fencing and gates are engineered for your pet’s safety and security.


1cThrough the front doors, you’ll enter our welcome room.

Here, we maintain paperwork and store special food and treats.

We’ll ask for your vaccinations records and you’ll complete a form, then we’ll walk your dog to their vacation home and a sparkling clean pail of fresh water.

On the form, we ask:

  • your contact information
  • your dog/s’ name/s
  • feeding preferences
  • special needs
  • any additional services (bath, grooming, yard time)
  • etc.

 Special Services


In our professional grooming area, we can bathe and dry your dog/s using premium professional FreshPet shampoo and a professional, stainless steel tub with a ramp entrance that makes bath time easy for older or heavier dogs.


All runs are heated/air-conditioned indoors and on 20′ of gravel, outdoors in the fresh air; your dog/s come and go in and out as they please.



Inside, your dog/s have full privacy. You can see the indoor facility in the photo above – dog runs are divided by sturdy blue panels. Our premium gates are the custom stainless ones you’ve seen in the best vet clinics.

Specialized epoxy flooring (like a hospital) is steam pressure washed daily to ensure a clean environment.

We play gentle classical music over a custom sound system, which has been proven to calm and soothe dogs.



Outside, your dog/s can run in lighted, aerated gravel runs you see above. They can see dogs in the next run (we can make sure no neighbors if you prefer). Most dogs enjoy company and like knowing who is next door.

We close access to the outdoors at 10pm and open the runs again at 7am so the dogs stay indoors, quiet, safe, and comfortable through the night.


Our facility and our home are located on over six acres, between several riding stables on a quiet country road. The dogs’ nearest companions are friendly horses. We live on-site and are in and out of the kennel every day.

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